The Archaic Image of Meybod

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Traveling has always been one of the most fascinating and influential things that human beings have ever done. In this regard, the city of Meybod with its high antiquity and unique beauties can be a good destination for a proper and arithmetic trip.
The Meybod-e-Khandagh lab ecotourism resort is so attractive that it is a motivation to travel to Meybod, Yazd. Lab Khandagh Ecotourism Resort, which has survived since the Qajar period and was officially registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1397, is a relatively complete and very suitable accommodation for tourists in Meybod.

Interesting history and architecture
of Meybod moat with a history of about 7,000 years, it is natural that its eco-lodges have a long history. The moat lodge was built during the Qajar period and was named after a moat.
Its large and well-patterned wood, along with its interior design, which combines different spaces, have all had a wonderful effect on its beauty.

General details of the accommodation
Lip Khandagh Meybod Ecotourism Resort, with an area of ​​150 meters and a two-storey building, has the capacity and space required for the presence of at least 15 people at a time. In this old house, in the style of Qajar houses, there is a small and very clean yard that the four main rooms of the house are located around this yard.
Each of these rooms has 3 people. But in the courtyard itself, there are a number of beds for guests to use to sit together and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the courtyard. In the basement, there is a large and spacious room that can accommodate about 8 guests.
Except for a few steps in some parts of the residence, which can be a bit of a hassle for the disabled; In general, it is possible to use its spaces for the general public.
There is only one toilet in the whole of Meybod Dome Ecotourism Resort and it is common to all rooms. This service has separate sections for men and women. Bath, parking, Wi-Fi internet, TV, coffee shop and traditional tea house are other facilities available in this historic place.
The shape of the interior decoration is deeply reminiscent of the lifestyle of Iranian families during the Qajar period. Decorated with lights, colored pottery, backrests, traditional boards and stained-glass windows all relieve the tiredness of travelers.
Also, as the name implies, this house is built next to a moat. At the end of the yard, there is a way to go into the ditch, which will give you a wonderful experience.
Finally, you need to know that this house is located on a hill. In this way, whenever you like, by going to the terrace, a spectacular view of the surrounding houses and the neighborhood will be in front of your eyes.

Facilities for serving food
One of the major advantages of eco-lodges over hotels and inns is the ability to taste local food in a short amount of time. Because the hosts of these places are all natives of the same area, and by dominating their local food, you will surely have good and happy moments in terms of food.
First of all, staying at the Leb Khandagh eco-tourism resort comes with breakfast. A simple and interesting breakfast with which you start a different day. You can also order lunch and dinner and a varied menu is available. Choosing between options is challenging but fascinating.
Of course, there is also a kitchen inside the Khabdagh Meybod eco-lodge designed for people who want to cook for themselves.
After eating, ordering tea from a traditional teahouse and drinking it while sitting on the couch in the yard and chatting with others gives you new life.
The in-house coffee shop also serves snacks. But if you do not plan to taste the local food in general, due to your proximity to the Baghistan tourist complex, it is possible to taste the food in the dining room there. Outside the residence, a number of supermarkets can be found nearby.

Features for buying souvenirs
Leb Khandagh Meybod Ecotourism Resort has been established in the heart of the city. This convenient geographical location allows travelers and tourists to have easy access to the souvenir shops of Meybod.
Among the souvenirs that you can buy from these stores are: carpets, rugs and kilims, all three of which are specially woven by the people of Yazd province. Also, shamd, zillow, curtain, baguette and canvas can be found in these centers, which are considered as handicrafts of this province.
But more important than the above are pottery, ceramics and tiles made by Meybodi artists. These can be the best souvenirs you will take from this valuable trip.

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