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This web site is dedicated to the city of Meybod and its good people. It is my intention to make every and each page of this site as informative as possible and at the same time entertaining. If you have some material or pictures that can add to the value of this site or need to make a comment please do not hesitate to stop by my guest book or send me an e-mail. Please note that this site is very new and continuously in development. Hopefully with your help, I can improve it everyday.

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با عرض خوش آمد گويي به تمام دوستان, كلوب ميبد به كلوب يزد تغيير نام داده است. لطفا با حضورتان به اين كلوب جديد و شركت در قسمتهاي مختلث آن, ما را در پر محتوا كردن اين محل ياري دهيد. اميدواريم حضور مكرر شما تشويقي باشد براي ادامه كار ما.  ورود به كلوب يزد

لطفا از اينجا وارد شويد

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