The Archaic Image of Meybod

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City of Meybod, which shines like a jewel in the central desert region of Iran, has an ancient history. Historians have attributed the construction of Meybod to Shah Mubad, one of the Sassanid kings, or Meybodar, one of the colonels of Yazdgerd. According to the first view, the name Meybod is changed from the word Mubad, and according to the second view, the word Meybod is an abbreviation of the word Meybodar.
If we accept what is said about Meybod Castle, which should be said in the history books, it should be said that the original building of Meybod has a history of several thousand years, because some historians attribute the construction of this castle to the time of Prophet Suleiman (AS) and write: He built a mosque, but the castle was built in the time of the Prophet Sulayman (AS).
The story is that the demons (demons) went around and found mountains and ridges that could be fortified and built castles. Dal-e-Div reached this mountain and saw that it was very fortable. He asked Suleiman to build a castle. The news reached Suleiman. Meybod was built, and some of Solomon's treasures were transferred to that fort.

Political history
After the first building of Meybod, the second leaf of the political period of this city dates back to the sixth century AH, at which time Abu Mansour Khatir al-Mulk Meybodi worked for 45 years in the Seljuk court until the time of Ayn al-Dawlah, Sultan Mahmud of Seljuk The official of the ministry arrived.
In the eighth century AH, Meybod's political life flourished, as the Al-Muzaffar dynasty, founded by Amir Mobarez al-Din Muhammad Meybodi in Meybod, came to power during this period, and its kings ruled over many parts of Iran from 713 to 795 AH. Fars, Kerman, Kurdistan, Ajam Iraq (Arak), Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Isfahan and part of Khuzestan rule independently. At this time, many scientific high schools and buildings were established in Meybod.
In the ninth century, Khajeh Moinuddin Ali Meybodi became the minister in the Timurid government, which to some extent provided the ground for the development of this city.
In the tenth century AH in the era of Shah Abbas Safavid, Khajeh Shams Meybodi was taken care of due to his outward talent and inner decency and became one of the Safavid agents and officials.

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