The Archaic Image of Meybod

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Meybod culture, like other cities in the country, has its own local culture, although some of those customs are part of the common culture of the province or country and 99% of them are Islamic.
One of the cultural symbols in Meybod, which is very impressive, is paying attention to public benefit centers in the form of endowments, which have been manifested in various aspects of orbital province, education, science, health, cooperation, worship, social affairs, support, and so on.
Meybod architectural style is traditional and in accordance with Islamic culture. Its mosques are made of two parts, a greenhouse and an exterior, along with a porch and a minaret, and it has pavilions for women. The husseiniyahs were usually used for reciting taziyeh and were square in shape with several platforms around and a circular building in the middle called kalak, some of which still remain.
Most homes have a chrysalis (a local polygon at the entrance to the house from which multiple paths branch), a pond, a cellar, two-way and four-way wind deflectors for summer ventilation, and some have brick fireplaces.
The mourning ceremonies are in the form of taziyeh with collars, shrouds, palms, etc.

The economy
of hidden talents and outstanding features in Meybod has made this city a relatively suitable economic hub. Some of these features are:
1- The privileged position of Meybod transportation with the provinces of the country.
2- Existence of small and large production centers.
3- Important metal and mineral industries such as steel complex, various porcelain, ceramic and tile factories.
4- Existence of important handicraft centers such as pottery, ceramic utensils and xylobaphy.
5- Sugar factory and other food production centers.
6- Employment of a significant percentage of the labor force in Kuwait and the import of foreign currency by them.
One of the signs of Meybod's economic prosperity is the existence of numerous banks, so that there is one bank branch for every 2,000 people.
In terms of agriculture, Meybod region has a special prosperity for its part and its agricultural and horticultural products such as pomegranate and pistachios are exported to other places and even abroad.
It should be noted that until the last two or three decades, all irrigation of fields in Meybod was done by aqueducts, and in this regard, Shams Abad aqueduct (more than 50 km long), Hassan Abad aqueduct, Mahmoudi aqueduct, Mehrjard aqueduct and Ab-e-Naw play a key role. They played in irrigating the area. But today, most of these canals have dried up and deep wells have replaced them. Another point is that in Meybod, the water of some aqueducts was divided by a divider for several cultivators, including Hassanabad aqueduct for Hassanabad and Qutbabad aqueducts, Kasnaviyeh aqueduct for large and small Kasnaviyeh aqueduct, etc.

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